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300+ Creative Templates

Resources that include flyers, offering memorandums, e-marketing, proposals, press release templates, fully populated brochures, factsheets, presentations and more.

Social Media in a Box

Fully populated monthly social media calendars & blogs for NAI professionals to plug and play.

Website Hosting

NAI Global will host and maintain your website. (Optional)

Marketing Suite – Canva, Infabode, Oval Room Group, Vendasta

Easy-to-use marketing tools for social media, graphic design, and property-related materials including Canva, Infabode, Oval Room Group, Constant Contact and Vendasta.

Trusted Partners

“It’s the community of professionals that NAI has assembled and everyone’s willingness to help out and provide feedback, marketing material samples, etc. There have been numerous occasions where I have seen something on social media and reached out to that marketing manager and asked how they did it or can they provide the source file and I have never had anyone say no. It’s like having hundreds of marketing managers to get input from. The ability to do that and see what other firms are doing has really helped us raise our game and set us apart from our competitors.

The mastermind sessions and Leadership summits are also great, but it is this daily access that really helps me the most in my role.”

Andy Braun
NAI Martens

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