At NAI Global, our untiring commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is deeply rooted in our professionals and employees. Because of their strength and dedication to the organization, we are enhancing our inclusive culture, so everyone feels heard and valued. This organization thrives because of the professionals who feel safe and on the path to success.

At NAI Global, we have created a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council open to all professionals. This council was designed to show NAI professionals that NAI Global is committed to creating an inclusive environment where diverse voices are active in all aspects of the organization. This requires a culture of inclusion in which all individuals feel respected and are treated fairly; where different viewpoints, opinions, thoughts, and ideas are encouraged and embraced.

The council’s objectives is to gather it’s top professionals within the DEI community to discuss career highlights working in the industry and share best practices of what others can do to get into the field. The council members will be able to share what challenges and opportunities they have found in CRE. This council is dedicated to providing ideas and resources that encourage a comprehensive approach to considering all factors that shape creative perspective and professional experience.

At NAI Global, we are consistently looking to grow the council by recruiting members with deep optimism about our ability to do transformative work in this critically important area.

To read about our DEI program and ways to get involved, please click the below link.

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