NAI Global has decades of experience providing services in the hospitality space, with a proven track record handling all manner of hotel types, from five-star resorts to single hotels.

The NAI Global Value Drivers

Depth of Expertise

With access to a global organization of brokerage offices, NAI Global clients are guaranteed to locate professional with proven specialty group experience within your geographic footprint.

Integrated Services

NAI Global handles both real estate and business-specific advisory, ensuring comprehensive service over the entire lifecycle of the relationship.

Market Intelligence

Local NAI Global brokers have intimate knowledge of market dynamics, helping provide accurate, timely advice to maximize value and position your endeavor favorably in both the short and long-term.

Owner Services

Capital Markets

Our team provides capital markets services, including investment sales, note sales, live & sealed bid auctions, debt placement, and acquisition advisory


NAI Global offers independent valuation and environmental assessment services, including appraisals, tax services, property condition assessments, zoning reports, and risk management

Site Selection

In-depth understanding of local markets allows us to systematically and intelligently provide site recommendations that match your financial and business needs

Property Management

Our property management professionals work hand-in-hand with our brokers to provide a complete range of management services that start pre-construction and continue into operations

Occupier Services

Financial Analysis

We provide due diligence services where every aspect of the financial picture is analyzed and considered to ensure a smooth transactional process for our hospitality occupier clients

Tenant Representation

With extensive experience in the hospitality space, NAI Global works closely with tenants to ensure clarity and confidence during the transaction process by keeping their best interests of the tenant at heart and negotiating on their behalf to ensure the best possible terms.


Critical to both long-term strategic thinking and day-to-day tactics in the hospitality space, our market research focuses on investment trends, local activity, and lease rates (among many others) to create and convey the best course of action in your property plans.

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