The Seat of Power: Responsible, Responsive Real Estate for Government Services

Naturally, government and public sector services are among the largest and most significant tenants in the Washington D.C. office market – and as a leader in global commercial real estate (CRE), NAI Global has a team who have made this their specialty.

This team is the NAI KLNB Government Advisory Service Group, an NAI Global Network Member, who offer a great depth of know-how to the property owners, investors, and developers pursuing government real estate opportunities throughout the United States.

Although the subject matter is a niche within CRE, the space involved is vast. The GSA has approximately 8,000 leases, with a property inventory of 375 million square feet (owned and leased), including 500 historic properties. Not only is it fascinating, but also an important function, as there are some 2.1 million federal employees who work in these premises.

Natural niche

Kydin Nourazar is the Managing Director of the Government Advisory Services at NAI KLNB. Before joining us, he was a Branch Manager within GSA – the government agency that acts as the real estate arm for the civilian federal government – giving him exceptional insight into this sphere.

Kydin explains that his team offers both brokerage and consulting services to those owners and developers contracting with (or hoping to contract with) the GSA, as well as other federal, state, and municipal governments.

Under these leasing contracts, all property types are considered, including office, retail, industrial, storage, data centers, laboratories, and land.

This expert team also represents and works with government agencies, collaborating on matters like strategic planning, requirements development, market surveying, proposal evaluations, and negotiations.

Detailed and dedicated

“Leasing with the government is a complex matter that requires specialist knowledge of policies, statutes, and executive orders, beyond the scope of a traditional private sector lease,” Kydin explains.

He adds, “For many landlords the government procurement process can be quite challenging and difficult to navigate.  The process is much more formal and structured, and we guide landlords through each step to ensure they meet all government requirements, while obtaining the best value for their properties.” 

The KLNB Government Advisory Services Group is based in D.C. but through the national reach of the NAI Global network, they are able to provide full national access to GSA and government opportunities throughout the United States.

For more, contact Kydin Nourazar at or access the Government Advisory Services brochure here.