Local Perspective with… David W Moore

Today’s featured NAI Global professional is David W Moore, the CEO, and principal at NAI Global Wireless. Before this year, David served as NAI Capital senior vice president for an incredible 15 years, helping all manner of clients find opportunity and value in deals and negotiating complex transactions.

Previously functioning under NAI Capital, NAI Global Wireless represents cell site landlords nationally and was incorporated to position itself to serve a booming commercial real estate (CRE) subdivision, representing the landowners and landlords of cell tower sites in new lease agreements, buyouts, site valuation and more.

We spoke to David about his work and personal passions, and what drives him to succeed in this busy industry.

Questions & answers

Q. What does a typical workday look like for you?
A. I live on the west coast and I’m in the office at 6:30 a.m. to work on east coast files and calls.

I then speak to my partner and CFO Amber Brandhagen to discuss our calendar for the day, transaction statuses, business development ideas, and anything outstanding. Our day can range from cold calling/emailing, following up with clientele/tenant reps, reviewing contracts, and much more.

Q. Tell me something you love about your job or your location.
A. I love southern California’s weather and how it offers access to every type of outdoor activity. As for my job, I really enjoy working with clients of varied backgrounds nationally. It allows me to really gauge the overall sentiments about America and various markets.

Q. What CRE trend or change are you keeping an eye on at the moment?
A. 5G upgrades across the US will affect many wireless landlords for the next four to five years. We will see more mergers and acquisitions of regional and small tower companies across the country as well.

Q. Where will I find you on a typical Saturday morning?
A. On the polo field, playing against a wonderful group of people from around the world. Or, riding my little wild mustang, Baya. Polo and my mustang are what keeps me focused and grounded. Polo is my weekly exercise in humility and Baya’s wild instincts makes me aware of my surroundings.

Q. Please tell us about your specialty.
A. I started my commercial real estate career in 1977. I learned long ago that solving a client’s problems was a pathway to on-going success.
As for NAI Global Wireless, we specialize in national wireless real estate services ranging from new lease agreements, amendments, buyouts and relocations.

Our unique esoteric asset class provides a niche to our affiliates to help them and their clients achieve their wireless real estate goals and objectives. Amber and I are considered experts in the field and excited to be a member of NAI Global.