Live By Your Word: Top Producer Kevin Goeller

Kevin Goeller is a principal at NAI KLNB in Tysons, VA, with 36 years in commercial real estate (CRE) under his belt. Once again, he has made our Global’s Top Producers for the year. The Top Producers awards are presented at the NAI Global Convention, to recognize brokers managing the highest business volumes.

Sticking with a winning formula

As mentioned, Kevin has previously been honored as a top producer (and plans to be again for 2022). He says his approach to work and his typical workday remains the consistent: “I haven’t changed a thing. Don’t fix something that’s not broken. Yes, we all had to adapt to COVID, but in some respect that helped even more with focus”.


Q. Tell us something you love about your specific role? 

I am now a senior in my company and continue to mentor the young men and women. My autonomy due to the mature book of business continues to be very comfortable, and it wasn’t always that way.

Q. What CRE trend are you keeping an eye on at the moment?

Right now the biggest trends in commercial real estate (CRE) as it relates to suburban office growth areas is the “town center” concept (planned urban environments) – spaces that allow for live, work, play. The biggest trends in the industrial/tech world (which is 90% of my business plan) is multi-story data centers, edge centers, 5G and artificial intelligence.

Q. What was your biggest achievement or a moment that particularly stood out to you in the last year?

The realization that one of my clients – one that I have continuously nurtured since 1992 and stuck with even though the deals and payouts were minimal for years – has now grown to be a major market mover for the past eight years. To build trust sometimes takes decades, and the payoffs are phenomenal. 

Q. What is your favorite hobby or way of winding down on the weekend?

Gardening, hockey games, hiking, and boating. 

Q.  What would be your top broker tip or words of advice for people starting out?

Here are three tips: 1) Create a plan and live by it. 2) Focus on your discipline. And 3) it is not about the commission; it’s about the relationship.

Q. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
I live what I teach, and I teach that every broker should manage their business from the perspective of an owner. This nurtures long-term relationship-building, so you’re not just a ‘one hit wonder’. Focus on the relationship, not the money; the money will come.