It’s Time to Relook Your Protocols

As we trudge forward with market recovery, everyone is looking towards the commercial space to see what new health regulations are going to emerge to combat the looming threat of COVID. 

Today, people care about sanitation and health more than ever. The pandemic has changed the way that people think. No one will feel comfortable dwelling in a public building if the proper regulations are not put in place. These sentiments that emerged with the recent pandemic are placing a heavy new responsibility on commercial real estate professionals. 

From landlords and building managers to the building owners that inhabit the space, everyone involved in a property’s daily flow needs to take another look at their operation protocols as we start trying to get back to normal. 

Here are a few key items to look at to make sure your building is up to par on safety, security, and sanitation:

Cut Back on Capacity 

The first thing to rethink is the building’s capacity. 

We all know that social distancing is an effective way to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. As we navigate long term reopening, these diligent responsibilities need to be carried over into the commercial space to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all building occupants. 

Reducing the occupancy of your property will also help increase the effectiveness of active social-distancing policies. 

Create a Disinfectant Schedule 

High-traffic, high-touch items and areas need to be consistently sanitized once you’re welcoming people back into your building again. Door handles, tables, elevator buttons, computers, or any other contact-heavy equipment and areas need to be disinfected regularly. 

Creating a disinfectant schedule for these red-zoned areas will help your staff easily meet the new demands. 

Promote Personal Hygiene 

It’s up to each and every one of the building’s visitors to seriously abide by the new COVID-minded safety procedures. Give them an extra friendly reminder by promoting the use of personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves, and by advocating for astute hygienic practices. 

Posters promoting proper handwashing to post in bathrooms and other tips for around the common areas can be found on the WHO website.  

Use the Correct Cleaning Solutions 

Not all cleaning solutions are equal. If the cleaner you’re using around the building isn’t able to fight against the virus, then all the extra cleaning isn’t going to protect the people in your space.  

The CDC reminds us that it’s important to clean and disinfect using a multi-step process. Look for solutions that are proven to kill virus germs and bacteria. Here’s a list of EPA-registered disinfectants that are effective against COVID. 

Closed Bins for Disposing Waste

Make sure that your building’s waste isn’t causing problems once it’s been thrown away. Purchasing trash cans that have tight-fitting lids will help prevent any germs on trash from going airborne and spreading unseen around your building. Opt for a hands-free option for added cleanliness. 

We’re emerging into a new world. Make sure that your commercial portfolio is resilient and adaptive to stay strong during these quickly-changing times. Explore the NAI Global Newslink for the latest CRE Outlook.