Broker Tips: Third Installment Of Our Best Tips For Brokers

NAI Global is the largest independent broker organization in the world, and that translates to an immense wealth of expertise embedded in our network. We have been working on a series of blogs to share our best tips for brokers – all straight from the minds of our commercial real estate (CRE) experts. This is the third article in the blog series.

Tap the network

Speaking of networks, our first broker tip for this edition is short and sharp and touches on just this principle. Chris Jackson, co-CEO of NAI Capital in Encino, California, says: “I think it is important for brokers to reach out to their past clients; there is a lot of business to be had.”

That’s a timely reminder that a great client-broker relationship is never “one and done”.

Forget fear. Adapt!

Kaile Landry is an associate in commercial real estate advisory and services at NAI Advent in Calgary, Canada. Her advice to new brokers is to “not fear rejection”. Rather, she says, “focus on creating a process that gives you a roadmap to the result you want to achieve.”

“Right when you think you should give up is usually when you should push the hardest. That’s where pressure creates diamonds!”

In line with this, Kaile says you should work to hone your adaptability: “If we do not adapt and use what we have to create future solutions, we cannot keep up with the ever-changing climate and demands on society as a whole”.

Finally, she adds, build up your resourcefulness through getting to grip with things like economic forecasting. “This will be specific to your municipality” and is exactly what a tough market needs.