3 Technologies Helping CRE Agents Stay Busy Right Now

Technology is always pushing commercial real estate beyond the boundaries of what’s considered possible and probable. And right now, these tech-powered miracles are needed more than ever. 

CRE agents are relying on digital solutions to fill in the gaps and make things work – even against all odds. Thankfully, there are plenty of super-powered tools that are fueling growth and stability for the commercial market.

These 3 technologies are helping commercial real estate professionals keep their businesses moving forward right now: 

Accepting Online Payments with CRE Secure

Clients falling out of deals is one of the industry’s biggest concerns. Even deals that are well underway have been disrupted by the limited mobility and business restrictions ushered in by the coronavirus pandemic. 

No closing means no deal – no matter how long it’s been in the works. This poses a major challenge for agents and their businesses. 

This Atlanta-based tech business is helping commercial agents mitigate the financial hurdles related to today’s socially-distant climate. CRE Secure is spearheading the industry as the first cloud-based solution for safe, secure, and protected online payments. 

It’s user-friendly and easy to operate, making collecting payments a breeze. 

Supporting the Team with CommissionTrac

Success starts at home — and while we’re all working from home, that statement is literal. 

Commercial brokerages need to make sure that their teams are taken care of during WFH. Economic issues can be found in every direction making a seamless payroll schedule more important now than ever.

CommissionTrac is streamlining the payment process by allowing CRE teams to manage their brokerage operations remotely. Not only does this smart payment option fit in with the current state and space of the business, but it also efficiently manages the back-end of your company.

This platform has made it possible to stay on top of it all even while the physical office is unavailable. 

Networking with RealConnex

CRE networking isn’t what it used to be. 

Today, agents need to come up with new ways to network with other professionals in the field. After all, community is one of the agent’s greatest strengths. Knowing the right people can get you access to exclusive listings, hushed opportunities, and resources for your client’s needs. 

However, it’s not like these relationships can be built at conferences or in the office. Instead, many people are hopping on social media to try to spark a conversation and build community. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the norms – but is that really the best platform for this? 

The answer is no and the solution is RealConnex. This innovative tech start-up has created a CRE-savvy social media platform for agents to network digitally. On RealConnex, the entire site is curtailed to commercial real estate. There’s no sifting through posts or drowning in pop-culture hashtags. RealConnex gets straight to business. 

These 3 technologies are supporting CRE and its agents to overcome all of the obstacles to success right now – making the impossible, possible. If you haven’t given these solutions a whirl, now is definitely the time. 

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