100% Effort And Attention: Top Producer Brian Califf

Brian Califf is an executive vice president at NAI Saig Company in Memphis, Tennessee, and one of NAI Global’s Top Producers for the year. Top Producers is our annual showcase of brokers managing the highest business volumes in the NAI Global group, the largest independent broker organization in the world.

Each year, the Top Producers awards are presented at the NAI Global Convention, and in addition to singing their praises at events like that, we also like to take this chance to tap into the astonishing depth of expertise these exceptional individuals have to offer, as leaders in commercial real estate (CRE).

Every day is novel

Brian has been in CRE for 17 years, and tells us that even after all that time, every day presents him with a new challenge or problem to be solved, something he relishes doing.

“This is what keeps things interesting!” Brian says, adding: “The trade-off is there is really no end to the day. I am available 24 hours a day, catering to my clients’ needs. As we continue to embrace more technology and the ‘work from anywhere attitude’, the typical 9-5 workday does not exist anymore for commercial agents.”

We asked him to share some more insight in the following Q&A:

Q. Tell us something you love about your specific role? 

I love helping a client secure a property for their business or investment purposes that truly meets their needs and will create long term value for them.

Q. What CRE trend are you keeping an eye on at the moment?

I’m Interested in watching the development of tractor trailer parking and drop lots, and how they are growing in popularity.

Q. What was your biggest achievement, or moment that particularly stood out to you the most, in 2021?

There was not one moment, but it is amazing to look back and see the volume of deals we have completed since Covid hit in 2020.  It has been two of the largest volume years in my history with NAI.

Q. What is your favorite hobby or way of winding down on the weekend?

Playing some guitar, and relaxing with my wife and three awesome kids.

Q.  What would be your top broker tip or words of advice for people starting out?

This is partially true for seasoned agents, but critical for young agents: Get as many signs up across town as possible; Getting your name out and visible will generate phone calls from prospects.  When those leads come in, figure out how to harness those leads properly. They may not fit your listing, but could turn into long term relationships in the market. 

Give 100% effort and attention to every requirement that comes your way.  By not discarding even the smallest of leads, it will pay out 10-fold in the end, as I’ve seen some of the smallest requirements will bloom into long-term quality business. This is a relationship-based business, and that should be your number one goal is to focus on those relationships and how to add value to them over time.

Q. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
Expert market knowledge, immediate response time and availability to my clients, and a never-ending drive to deliver quality results in all transactions.