NAI Harmon Group
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Toledo, Ohio 43623 United States
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Chief Financial Officer

Specialties:  Accounting, Administration, Industrial, Investment, Logistics / Multi-Modal, Supply Chain

Background & Experience
Steve Harmon is a highly successful finance and business leader with a core focus in structuring transactions as well as supply chain management and real estate development. Currently, he is a second generation President of Spartan Logistics, a 3rd party-logistics company based in Columbus, Ohio and the Chief Financial Officer at NAI Harmon Group of Toledo, Ohio. By using his detail-oriented analytical skills, especially for supply-chain issues and real estate finance, he has been able to develop strong communication among clients and employees.
Assisting in transforming a trucking/warehousing company into a successful logistics company dedicated to outsourced logistics solutions and real estate development has been a milestone of Steve's career thus far. "Here’s how we do it: We always set out to do a great job, we keep our promises, we answer our phones and we work hard. It turns out that the most effective way to operate is also the oldest and most basic."

Spartan Logistics is a supply chain management company founded in 1988 and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. As company President, Steve's responsibility is to use the knowledge that he has attained to implement a cost effective budget, human resources, hiring and payroll. Including Spartan Logistics and NAI Harmon Group, there are 3 operating companies employing over 300 people total and 40 real estate companies owning over 5.0 million square feet of industrial space.
Spartan has decades of experience in fast-moving inventory, especially food and beverages, and are also veteran handlers of glass, paper, automotive supplies, industrial materials, and more. Most of the Spartan locations are food grade certified and ready to comply with all modern tracking, regulatory, and safety rules.
With the assistance of one or more of the Harmon entities, the agents and employees supply the needs of the clients through the different services; including warehouse construction, property leasing and property management services through the affiliates company Spartan Logistics and Logan Creek Construction.