NAI Sarrà
Av. Presidente Riesco 3451
Santiago, 755-0068 Chile
t+56 2 2347 7000
CA BRE License #:Business and Administration
Francisca Lopez Donoso
Head of Operations

Background & Experience
María Francisca is a Commercial Engineer licensed of the Universidad de los Andes in Chile. After working in diferent start-ups and managing family assets, Francisca was in the research area of the Universidad de los Andes, leading the faculty's research team. In 2014 it makes a turn towards intangibles: enters to the most prestigious insurance company of the country, MetLife: multinational that manages combined assets of + USD 529.7 billion in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. In two years it has been able to create a portfolio of intangible assets of + USD 12 million diversified. In MetLife led work teams and enhanced sales processes. In 2017, Francisca becomes Head of Opertions in NAI Sarrà.