NAI Southwest Florida, Inc.
13120 Westlinks Terrace Blvd.
Suite 2

Ft. Myers, Florida 33913 United States
Executive Vice President & CFO

Specialties:  Accounting, Administration, Staff (HR, Admin, Ops, etc.), Other, Advertising, Advisory / Consulting, Human Resources, Operations, Public Relations

Scope of Service Experience
Lana J. Fitzgerald serves as Vice President and CFO for NAI Southwest Florida. Her background in real estate dates back to 1984 when she was a Manager of Sales and Marketing for The Rouse Company. Fitzgerald was in part responsible for the success of five malls in Eastern Iowa. After leaving the Rouse Company, she became a founding partner of the Fitzgerald Group, Ltd. A commercial and corporate real estate company centering around corporate real estate executives that have multiple market needs but limited human resources. Fitzgerald brings organizational, accounting, marketing and management skills to NAI Southwest Florida.
Background & Experience
As partner at NAI Southwest Florida, Lana Fitzgerald is actively engaged in the day to day operations, overseeing marketing, management, public relations and accounting.

From 1984 Lana Fitzgerald was responsible for all sales and marketing efforts for The Rouse Company's assets in Iowa. Administrative and Creative development were the keys to her responsibilities. Budgeting and Personnel also were under her guidance.

Fitzgerald is resonsible for the success of the NAI brand in Southwest Florida utilizing her years of experience with The Rouse Comany, a market leader in shopping center development and management.

She continues to thrive in a competitive global marketplace by leading her company with new ways to reach customers and clients through her creative use of the various mediums.

Fitzgerald is very active in her local community and her Church at the local and State levels.