Working from Home: Commercial Real Estate Agent Edition

2020’s second quarter started off with a bang. 

Stay-at-home orders, social distancing protocols, and quarantine are the new norm in the wake of an unprecedented crisis. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the world, professionals all over the globe are bringing business home – commercial real estate included. 

While no one knows how long the home-life will last, we’re all trying to make the most out of this situation. Adapting is key to keep business afloat during this unpredictable situation, and there are a few helpful strategies that CRE agents can employ to elevate their remote workflows. 

Check out these 4 best-practices to keep the momentum going throughout COVID-19: 

Use Technology to Stay Productive 

Technology has never been as useful for the real estate biz than it is during COVID-19. If you need to streamline your workflow, isolate the problem area and apply an easy tech solution. 

If you have trouble meeting your goals, create a to-do list on Todoist. Easily distracted? Stay on task with Toggl, an app that tracks the time you spend on each item and analyze the data to find personalized best-practices. Need to upgrade your CRM? Check out REthink

Spend this time boosting your tech-toolbelt to enhance your productivity – even if it’s from the couch.

Create a New Routine 

We’re all doing things a little differently right now. CRE pros can largely benefit by adjusting their daily routines to fit the new module for business. Having a solid routine will help support a cohesive schedule that allows agents to flow in and out of work-mode. 

Do what makes you happy, make time for breaks, get comfortable, and make the best out of this strange collective circumstance. 

Set Boundaries

When it’s time to put in work, close the door and turn off your phone. Many of us aren’t used to working around our families, so you’ll likely need to reassert the boundaries. Politely reinforce whatever personal barriers necessary for success. Get serious about your work hours. Discipline is vital to ensure you’re meeting professional goals and not wasting time.

Interact With Your CRE E-Community 

Commercial real estate is a people-centric industry. It’s propelled by movers and shakers in the business who network, land deals and close successful transactions. But, that’s all a little hard to do with social distancing recommendations preventing all non-essential face-to-face contact. 

Instead of falling out of the loop, get in touch with your CRE community via the web. Get active on social media, have a Zoom video conference with your team members, check in with clients and get some activity buzzing within your sales funnel. 

We’re all at home trying to stay focused, but 100% isolation isn’t going to make anything better. Talk to people in your industry, share your insights, and help the CRE network thrive. 

Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you’re slacking. Don’t let the change in setting get in the way of the CRE hustle. We will make it through this, and when we do, we’ll be back and better than ever. 

In the meantime, the NAI Global family is here for you. Explore our blog for more strategic insights, market news, and the latest commercial real estate insights.