What Vibe is your Property’s Online Brand Giving Off?

With a company’s online presence being their primary imprint on the industry right now, there’s no room for error. 

Following the massive online integration of businesses as a result of the pandemic, an e-brand is everything. It’s the way that prospects get introduced to you, competitors gauge you, and the community interacts with you. 

It’s true that company culture and online identity have been hot topics within the business for years, but in the present moment, it’s never been more vital. Online branding is sink-or-swim, where innovators will thrive and slow responders won’t stay afloat.

Make sure that your commercial real estate portfolio is heading towards golden horizons by taking this time to analyze and fine-tune your online branding. These 3 tips will help commercial property owners to establish a cohesive brand message across the web: 

Strategize Social Media

It’s important to remember that a significant portion of your E-brand is derived from social media activity. 

Cultivating interesting, informative, and engaging content on social media meets people where they already are. A brand’s content should allow prospects to get to know you – building trust, client advocacy, and creating an online community. 

Use each platform to its greatest potential. Use Instagram for eye-catching visuals of listings, casual CTA’s, and to engage with your sphere. Stay relevant with the latest conversations on Twitter, using hashtags and being a source for industry news. Use Facebook to connect with your local market’s community and share company updates on LinkedIn. 

Start planning posts in advance and even consider creating a social media schedule. The more effort you put here, the more returns you’ll see. 

Redesign Property Listings

Consumer standards for property listings are always changing. To stay up to speed, e-listings should be upgraded regularly.

Not only is it a good idea to include new trends in listing marketing, such as self-scheduled tours or virtual walkthroughs, but it’s necessary to make sure all of the details are still accurate. You never want to be marketing outdated information regarding property features. 

Take a moment to scroll through your listed portfolio to ensure that all of your T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. 

See What People Say About You 

Reviews play a big role in online business, but when was the last time you’ve combed through your reviews? 

Client feedback says it all, as does the way you respond to these experiences. Go on Google Reviews, your Facebook page, and even local review sites to see what people are saying about your services. 

Besides learning what’s buzzing, it’s a good idea to take part in the conversation. Not only does it show that you’re listening, but also that you appreciate the feedback and are looking for ways to optimize client experiences. Typing up a simple ‘thank you’, resolving a negative comment by trying to help, and clarifying any questions being asked is a clear demonstration that you care about your business and clients.

These small actions all show that you’re going the extra mile for your online brand. Whether you’re working in multifamily, office, retail, or any other CRE sector, strong online brand culture is a lasting necessity. 

For more commercial real estate tips and trends, explore the NAI Global Newslink. Keep an eye out for new content!