What Does Online Shopping Look Like After the Coronavirus?

As authorities around the globe press for citizens to stay inside, social distance, and take action steps to flatten COVID’s curve, e-commerce is gaining even more momentum. 

It’s not like online shopping needed any more value points. The ease, convenience, and customization of the digital shopping module have proved to be an invaluable asset for modern consumers. 

But, in times like these, the world is forced to see online shopping as a lifeline – helping people get the goods they need in situations where brick-and-mortar activities are disrupted. 

As CRE professionals, we know what online shopping looked like before the coronavirus and even during the pandemic, but what about after? What will be the ‘new norms’ for online shopping once COVID passes? 

The fact is, the details of online shopping is changing day by day as consumers adapt, experiment, and make things work within the safety limitations of the moment. Even so, the data doesn’t lie, and it’s giving experts the chance to predict what’s on the radar for e-commerce and consumer behavior on the other side of COVID-19. 

This is what you should expect to see:

The ‘Old Ways’ Might Be On The Way Out 

It seems like the world is starting to accept the fact that the ‘old ways’ of operating may not be possible any longer. COVID has shown us the hazardous grounds everyone was previously navigating, and this awareness will undoubtedly change the future of shopping. 

Expect to see more brands pushing for digital integration, omni channel retail to take hold, and investments towards a smoother e-commerce shopping experience to surface. 

An Expanded E-Commerce Demographic

As the pandemic intensifies, more and more people are encouraged to give e-commerce a whirl – especially those who are new to the game. 

The older generations who weren’t so ready to adopt the new shopping technologies are now taking that leap, and realizing how easy it is. These alterations to consumer habits are expanding the pool of online shoppers and making it a lasting ‘new normal’. 

Preparing for Future Disruptions

Some lessons need to be learned the hard way… especially those which you’d never expect in the first place. It’s likely that none of us anticipated 2020 to kick off this way, which is a primary reason why COVID has caused such an immense disruption. 

Businesses were unprepared, infrastructures weren’t ready, and it all seemed to happen too soon. But, the contemporary global web of business is a resilient one, and we can bet that companies won’t be taken off guard a second time. 

As the old saying goes, hindsight is always 20/20 – meaning that this situation, as strange and difficult as it may be, is actually laying the groundwork for future strategies and bullet-proof backup plans. The changes we’re seeing today aren’t being made solely for the moment. These safety guidelines are being set up for the future, too. 

By applying what we’ve learned now, the e-commerce industry is able to see it’s shortcomings and attend to them ASAP. This establishes a frictionless capacity for online shoppers to get what they need especially when they need it most. 

E-commerce is learning some hard lessons right now, but it’s only going to make the online shopping industry more capable than ever before. 

Get ready for a new and improved digital shopping experience post-COVID. We’re coming out of this stronger, smarter, and better prepared.