This is What Leasing Looks Like During Social Distancing

Industries are being bent farther than ever before as COVID-19 shakes the foundations of business. Flexibility and the ability to adapt are helping professionals keep up their pace while the pandemic disrupts the global workflow. 

In the world of real estate, the leasing process is undergoing some big changes in response to the new safety protocols set in place to bend the curve. Social distancing, defined by public health officials as deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid the spread of illness, is today’s baseline of interactions. 

When nearly all of us are under some degree of stay-home orders, the in-person facet of real estate is going digital. As a result, real estate pros are harnessing the powers of PropTech to keep business flowing while still respecting social distancing best practices. 

Let’s zoom into the way that real estate leasing looks like during COVID-19’s social distancing policies.

CRM’s Support the Sales Funnel

Commercial real estate is all about networking, and agents can’t afford to let their pace slip up during social distancing. A winning CRM software is a must to keep up engagements with clients, albeit digitally. 

Tech solutions like REthink, Contactually, and WiseAgent are using Smart technology, data-driven analytics, and intuitive AI capabilities to keep agents sales funnels flowing – even when we’re all stuck at home. These winning tools are generating leads and connecting clients with agents.

Virtual Interactions with Properties

When people are shopping for real estate from home, online listings are the primary basis of interaction between prospective clients and an available property. Make sure your online property representations are looking their best with attention-grabbing tech integrations. 

With agent-scheduled walkthrough tours being put on pause until further notice, virtual tours are letting people explore a listing from the safety of their home. Asteroom and Matterport are two high-quality virtual tour providers that are elevating online real estate listings to new standards. 

Staging services are using a similar modeling technology to produce virtually staged, interactive, and high-resolution listing imagery. roOomy is spearheading this field with its industry-leading quality. 

Remote Showings Save the Day 

When a serious client wants to go a step further and explore a property in person, there’s a way to do it while still respecting social distancing recommendations – and of course, it involves technology.  

Self-showing services, coming out of innovative tech companies like Rently are helping leads move forward during COVID-19. 

Rently lets buyers visit a property in person and lead themselves through a self-guided tour – without the need for an agent to tag along. The user-friendly app provides all the necessary information to conduct the tour, making it easy and safe to let buyers see their potential purchases. 

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, real estate’s leasing process is using technology to keep the momentum strong, continue closing deals, and fuel their professional success. 

These streamlined workflow hacks aren’t going to be abandoned once the coronavirus tragedy passes. The lessons learned today will set the tone for tomorrow’s breakthroughs and industry-shaking strategies.