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Markets / Network Territory

By geographical size and population, Laredo, Texas would be considered a small town by
most, but a closer look reveals a microcosm of global international trade lead by savvy
individuals with resources that can’t be underestimated. According to World City magazine, the district of Laredo is the largest inland port in the nation crossing over 10,000 to 12, 000 trucks per day with $290 billion worth of goods, and growing more than three times the national average. We are now considered the No 3 Customs district, trailing only No. 1 Los Angeles and No. 2 New York. Therefore, investments in real estate by this bi-national, bicultural group are a natural choice for those who prefer income generating, fixed assets close enough to keep their eyes on.
If there’s real estate deal of any relevance being conducted in Laredo or its surrounding
areas, you can be sure NAI Swisher & Martin is either part of it, or at least familiar with the players involved, corporate or individual. It’s that knowledge, knowing who’s in the market, or who should be in the market for an investment of this scope, that separates NAI Swisher & Martin from realtors who have no personal or business relationships with this unique group of investors. That familiarity with those who offer the highest potential to purchase,minimizes time wasted chasing down false leads, and opens doors to the inner most sanctums where trust generated over the years becomes an asset no non-local realtor can ever hope to bring to the table.

Executive Summary

NAI Swisher & Martin Realty has been a successful company since 1991 specializing in
commercial, industrial and land sector transactions and has been involved in
some of the biggest investment transactions like the Laredo Arena that promotes
entertainment from some of the biggest names in show business, and the development
of that area. Our services encompass the full gamut of real estate, including sales, rentals,
land acquisition and development. We are proud to be considered one of the most
progressive real estate companies according to business news of the area and chambers
of commerce.

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