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KRAIN is the premier Listing Brokerage for Mixed-Use Developments and hotels. HERE is why:

Value Proposition: Valuation with Justification

KRAIN is one of the few brokerages that has the ability to assist in establishing a realistic list price based on justifiable data and projections. For our sellers raw land, on the front end of a commercial listing, KRAIN is able to advise on the highest and best use of a property, project build and infrastructure costs, and develop pro formas for potential investors based on market needs and trends. Once these projections are established, KRAIN can then provide their sellers with a market value and clear objectives moving forward with the marketing of their commercial property. With solid and justified pro formas, KRAIN can then begin to market the property to potential investors. As such, KRAIN has a deeper understanding of the property and the value it holds, allowing it to market the property in the best way possible.

For potential hotel sites, and similar to its valuation model for the mixed-use resort development, KRAIN can analyze a site and create a pro forma based on site potential, key count and demand. KRAIN can even adjust the build cost based on certain hotel brands’ quality criteria. With this evaluation, KRAIN can market a hotel site within a planned development and attract the right hotel brand for that specific development.

For existing hotels, KRAIN can give an evaluation based on the value of existing real estate in today’s market, the value of existing structures or their replacement costs, the potential for growth and/or expansion, the review of profit and loss statements, the business’s good faith value, and the value of fixtures, furniture, and inventory. KRAIN creates custom pro formas and marketing pieces for each hotel that it markets.

Value Proposition: Marketing

KRAIN is the only company in Costa Rica that has global real estate marketing affiliations that encompass commercial, residential, and luxury real estate. Our combined network of agents is unsurpassed; KRAIN’s marketing reach extends to 132 countries and 18 languages. We market our commercial listings to our entire affiliate network, as well as through direct marketing campaigns to all agents in Costa Rica, and to top U.S. agents in specific markets that consistently invest in Costa Rica. Furthermore, the KRAIN Chicago office, which has been in operation for over a decade, is a well known and trusted brand in the midwest region and serves as a substantial lead source. KRAIN’s recent partnership with NAI Global has only further strengthened KRAIN’s marketing network, and has secured KRAIN’s dominance as the marketing leader of commercial property throughout Costa Rica.

Value Proposition: Investors

KRAIN attracts the largest share of investors seeking commercial property in Guanacaste. This is true for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, KRAIN’s marketing reach for commercial property is unsurpassed. Second, KRAIN’s Chicago office gives stability and confidence to clients that are already familiar with the brand. Third, investors rely on KRAIN’s professional work product when conducting their preliminary search for commercial property. From KRAIN’s initial feasibility and market analysis, to its ability to act as a liaison to the best legal, engineering, and architectural firms throughout Costa Rica, KRAIN is the brokerage that investors rely upon to compare investment and development opportunities.

Finally, investors prefer working with KRAIN because it is the only company in Guanacaste with a large and highly trained sales force in place to handle all residential resale and commercial leasing needs of a project once developed. Investors feel comfortable working with KRAIN because they know that KRAIN will be there every step of the way—from the purchase of a project, to the resale of individual homes, to management of commercial and residential leases. KRAIN’s focused resale strategy and ability to market residential resales to 132 countries gives our investors the confidence that they will achieve the highest and best return on their investment.

Executive Summary

Partnering with KRAIN
Choosing the proper real estate brokerage to market a commercial listing in Costa Rica is an important decision. Partnering with the right brokerage can add value to the property, bolster the property’s marketing exposure, bring more qualified buyers, and ensure that owners receive top dollar in the sale of their property. In short, KRAIN has assembled the strongest commercial real estate team in Guanacaste. As a result, KRAIN has become the premier brokerage for marketing commercial property and large tracts of land in the area. What follows is the information you will need in deciding with whom to list your property, and at what price. We are always available to answer any and all questions you may have.

Meet the Founders

KRAIN Costa Rica was founded in 2014 by Peter and Sarah Breitlander. Peter Breitlander is a U.S. licensed real estate broker who has 16 years of expertise in residential and commercial real estate. He is also the co-founder and owner KRAIN Chicago, a successful brokerage with 40 agents doing business in Chicago, Illinois, from 2006 - 2019. Peter and his business partner John Federici founded Krain Chicago.

Sarah Breitlander is a United States commercial litigation attorney who practiced law at a large Chicago law firm for over a decade before co-founding KRAIN Costa Rica.

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