Local Perspective with… Nate D Riso

Today’s featured NAI Global professional is Nate D Riso, vice president and multifamily broker at NAI Brannen Goddard, the Metropolitan Atlanta representative of NAI Global. Nate first joined the broader NAI family in 2016, at NAI Capital in California, although he has some 16 years in real estate, commercial real estate (CRE), and sales under his belt.

Today, you’ll find Nate at NAI Brannen Goddard headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia where he is a relative newcomer, having joined them in 2020.

The State capital has come a long way from its humble railway origin story, and is today a bustling metropolis that hosts the headquarters of many blue-chip corporates and household name organizations, including CNN, The Home Depot, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Delta Air Lines, and UPS. In fact, the city lays claim to the third highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies – making it an attractive CRE and property destination.

Questions & Answers

Q.   What does a typical workday look like for you?
A.   I start the day with a search on all platforms for new listings, and then I take time to call all clients and prospects that I believe would benefit from those new opportunities. I also like to take drive-by of target properties, in order to assess and photograph them.

Q.   Tell me something you love about your job or your location.
A.   I love helping my investor clients understand the full potential and upside of apartment ownership. Atlanta is my adopted home, and it continues to offer an amazing quality of life and new opportunities within CRE.

Q.   What CRE trend or change are you keeping an eye on at the moment?
A.   Mobility among the workforce has trends leading to more rentals and less home buying for first time buyers.

Q.   Where will I find you on a typical Saturday morning?
A.   With my family in Georgia’s great outdoors.

Q.   Please tell us a little something about your specialty or a project you’re proud of:
A.   I am a fourth-generation apartment broker and owner. I really love everything about multi-tenant residences, and I have a passion to learn more daily. I approach each property and client as if I owned the asset myself.

To contact Nate D Riso, email him at nriso@naibg.com, or visit his NAI profile page here.