Local perspective with… Amber Brandhagen

Our last featured NAI Global professional was David W Moore of NAI Global Wireless and for this edition, we feature the other half of the NAI Global Wireless dynamic duo, Amber Brandhagen. Amber is the COO and principal for NAI Global Wireless – and came to this role off a seven-year tenure as a senior associate at NAI Capital.

Amber has over $100 million in lease sales and related transactions under her belt from across the US. She also manages real estate assets to the tune of some $50 million. She is a multifaceted commercial real estate (CRE) professional, more than capable of ushering deals through initial phases all the way through closeout. Also in her repertoire are marketing, data management, due diligence, contract administration, and social media.

NAI Global Wireless is now its own exciting entity, having emerged from the NAI Capital umbrella. The team represents cell site landlords across the country – a CRE subset that is doing a booming business.

Amber tells us about her professional and personal pursuits, and her excitement for this nascent CRE sphere.

Questions & answers

Q. What does a typical workday look like for you?
A. First thing in the morning, I have a conference call with my CEO David Moore to discuss our calendar for the day, transaction statuses, business development ideas, and anything outstanding. Our day can range from cold calling/emailing to following up with clientele and tenant reps, to reviewing contracts, and much more.

Q. Tell me something you love about your job or your location.
A. Being able to communicate with landlords and colleagues across the United States is very exciting. You never know who you’ll be speaking with.

Q. What CRE trend or change are you keeping an eye on at the moment?
A. 5G upgrades across the US will affect many wireless landlords. These upgrades provide the landlord, in many cases, a pay point.

Q. Where will I find you on a typical Saturday morning?
A. In the kitchen, making breakfast for my little family of four. Then we usually get outdoors, exploring for the day.

Q. Please tell us about your specialty.
A. NAI Global Wireless specializes in national wireless real estate services ranging from new lease agreements, amendments, buyouts, and relocations. Our unique esoteric asset class provides a niche to our affiliates, helping them and their clients achieve their wireless real estate goals and objectives. David and I are very excited to be a firm with NAI Global and excited for what this year will bring us!