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NAI Buro
Executive Summary

NAI Buro is a professional commercial real estate firm operating in Kazakhstan with primary focus on the largest cities of Kazakhstan: Astana and Almaty.

We provide full range of services for commercial real estate investors and owners including: property and facility management, brokerage, concept development, best use analysis, feasibility studies, market research, technical audit, project management, real estate investment advisory.

Our goal is to offer our customers one-point solution for any possible commercial real estate request to be addressed in Kazakhstan or abroad.

About Us

The company is d/b/a NAI Buro since September 2016 following successful partnership between leading Kazakh commercial real estate firms Miras Development and DeBuro.

Miras Development was founded in 2012 and is a leading consulting and property management firm from Astana with in-depth knowledge in property and facility management, real estate development and investment advisory.

DeBuro was founded in 2013 and is a leading brokerage and commercial real estate consulting firm from Almaty with extensive expertise in commercial brokerage, consulting and valuation, transaction advisory.

Our company philosophy stands on three pillars:
1. Provide our customers full package of services in commercial real estate to meet any possible customer requests;
2. Continuously optimize operating costs and increase property capital valuem, mitigate any operational risks that the property might face;
3. Value and invest into company personnel as one of the firms core competencies.

Brokerage Services
Other Services
Consulting, Facilities Management, Feasibility Studies, Market Research, Project Management, Property Management

NAI Global Directors

NAI Business Director
Aslan Sultanov
+7 777 222 2203
NAI Coordinator
Dinara Askangaliyeva
+7 701 222 2670
NAI Business Manager
Ainash Korganbekova
+7 701 928 1010

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Office Locations

NAI Buro - Almaty

148, Gagarin Av.
Almaty 050057
Direct Line: +7 777 222 2203
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Strategic Clients
NAI Buro is serving the needs of the major investment real estate funds, companies and banks in Kazakhstan with total commercial property volume of more than 2 million square meters.