NAI Becar St. Petersburg
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St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Russia 194044
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NAI Becar St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg
Executive Summary

NAI Becar has been providing all the range of commercial real estate services in Russia for 22 years. The experience accumulated over the years by its principals and staff in the Russian market, makes NAI Becar one of the strongest and most respected real estate agency in Russia.

NAI Becar was originally founded in St Petersburg, where it ranks among the top industry players; as its reputation was growing outside St Petersburg , NAI Becar opened a new office in Moscow in 2007.

Since 2009, NAI Becar also opened new offices in Omsk, Kazan, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

It currently has about 2000 professional staff in its 8 offices and also has representative offices in the 19 Russian cities that are covered throughout Russia.

NAI Becar has more than 50 properties, 21 million SF under property or facility management, 10000 sold out real estate objects and 15000 objects gave for rent. Over the past 22 years it helped its clients on more than 1000 consulting and appraisal missions.

About Us

NAI Becar is adopting a local approach whenever possible to help its clients throughout the large territory of Russia. Each of its local brokers and consultants are provided with extensive trainings every year, in order to always exceed the highest standards of their profession.

NAI Becar's management team believe that in an emerging market, safety of clients in their real estate activities should be the highest priority. NAI Becar always work in this direction, to ensure that international clients as well as local ones are always provided with the highest possible level of services, with reliable information, and safe advices.

Our Services
  • NAI Becar offering a few ways to choose a solution for client and for their real estate objects, it depends on type of client’s activity (owner, investor, developer, tenant and others) or type of real estate object (commercial real estate, office property, warehouses, hotels, apart hotels, logistic centers, industrial zone, landscapes and infrastructure).
  • NAI Becar offering full range of services on real estate market which is available for federal and international clients also. NAI Becar provide clients effective business solutions prepared with thorough estimate and analysis of local market including special requirements of specific task: Property management, Facility management, Investment, Infrastructure projects, International investment, Consulting, Market research, Appraisal, Rent, Retail, Object promotion.

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Office Locations

NAI Becar Moscow- HQ - Moscow

9 Bolshoy Kislovsky pereckrestock
Moscow 125009
Direct Line: +7 495 225 23 35
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NAI Becar St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg

Bolshoy Sampsonievsky Prospect, 61
St. Petersburg St. Petersburg 194044
Direct Line: + 7 812 490 70 01
Fax: + 7 812 324 31 31