NAI Benchmark
1012 11th Street
4th Floor

Modesto, CA United States 95354
f(209) 554-0470
Property Manager

Scope of Service Experience
The Assistant Property Manager position supports and assists Property Manager as needed. Suzy is involved in all aspects of day-to-day operations of the property, including accounting, tenant relations, maintenance and repair, security, janitorial services, landscaping and more. She handles tenant concerns and service requests, and is familiar with the terms of tenant leases, as well as assists in the reporting and financial performance of the property and conducts periodic inspections of the property and tenant spaces to ensure compliance with leases and the proper upkeep of the property.
Background & Experience
Although Suzy's educational background is in natural sciences, it has revolved heavily around customer service. From medicine and laboratory work to food and photography, she has dealt with all aspects of customer service and business compliance. Her hobbies range as drastically as her employment experience, including music and art as well as competitive sports and automotive racing. Currently, she competes in a coed soccer league and automotive road racing, as well as conducts dog training and behavioral rehabilitation for friends and family. Suzy's colorful background allows her many perspectives and common ground with tenants and vendors alike, as well as a personable disposition and open mind when confronted with concerns or complaints.
Suzy graduated Humboldt State University in 2015 with a Bachelor's of Science in pre-veterinary Zoology, with an emphasis in animal behavior.