NAI Mexico Tamaulipas - Reynosa
San Luis Potosi # 701 Local 5, Esq. Nuevo Leon
Colonia Rodriguez

Reynosa, Mexico 88630
t+1 619 8059317 m+1 619 805 9317
Sara Ramos-MacFarland
Corporate Solutions

Specialties: Industrial

Scope of Service Experience
Marketing Support
Research & Statistical Analyses
Property Searches
Coordination of Property Tours, Open Houses & Client Events
Background & Experience
Administrative Managing
Foreing Customer Dealing
Deal Strategies
Event Coordinator
Logistic Track

York University - Toronto, CAN
International Bachelor Business Administration iBBA

Harvard Business School - Boston MA
iBBA Program completion

Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey - Monterrey, MEX
Top Management Seminars

Morley College - London, UK