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Capital Markets

Specialties:  Investment, Office

Scope of Service Experience
Currently performs as the business strategist and consultant for individuals and companies of different branches including tourism, textiles, real estate, having a business relationship with Nai Mexico, global real estate company specializing in specific industrial and tourist projects and undertaking capital markets areas, eventually through Credit Suisse and UBS operates on a daily equity options for institutional investors and family businesses
Background & Experience
Management Advisor, Bachelor’s Degree in Economy from ITAM and Postgraduate courses at UNAM and UAM. Project Coordinator in charge of Negotiations and relationships with private and institutional investors for Rincones del Caribe. Mr. Zaga is 49 years old and has a wide and varied business career developing businesses in the following industries: textile, advertising, economic and real estate consulting in the private sector as founder and director among others of: Diseño y Desarrollo en Publicidad y Comunicación S.A. de C.V., Super Dos Siempre Abiertos S.A. de C.V., Grupo Impulsor de Desarrollo S.A. de C.V. and Grupo Impulsor Siglo XXI, S. A. de C.V.
Economic degree froms Instituto Tcnologico Autonomo de Mexico(ITAM), Also attended several courses in managerial skills, stock market options model,personal managment,finance courses focused on the fundamental and technical analysis of the companies.
Transaction History
Sold a convenience store (Circle K) in Mexico City to the Kaltex group(41 stores), in 2006 sold fiscal loses from Mecapeña s.a. a pertroleum company($79 million pesos) , in 2007 also sold fiscal loses from Galcorp to three companies($550 million pesos),