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Bill McConnell
Senior Advisor

Specialties: Investment, Office

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Scope of Service Experience
Bill McConnell is an accomplished real estate professional, and serves as a Senior Advisor with NAI Rauch Weaver Norfleet Kurtz & Co. He provides Landlord Representation for Private Owners of Commercial Real Estate.

Professional representation is a must in today's real estate environment. The outcome of lease renewals, expansions, and securing new tenants, defines a property's value and emphasizes the need to hire the right professional.

Mr. McConnell has represented a broad range of clients from local to national and Landlords with one property to those with many. He is ready to utilize his background and have his track record and success work for YOU!
Background & Experience
Mr. McConnell has an extensive background in real estate which began when he was 21 years old and purchased his first small office building. Through the years he has bought and sold properties for his own account and others, represented regional retailers with site selection and successfully negotiated hundreds of property leases.
His clients are further supported by his prior years as an investment banker. The financial skills required in mergers and acquisitions gave him the discipline to remain in complete control of a transaction while striving to constantly push the envelope in favor of his client's interest. He has also assisted clients in condominium conversions, and is an investor himself in a current project.
Mr. McConnell holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a minor in accounting and a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Queens University.
Professional Associations & Designations
Mr. McConnell is active in the brokerage community and most recently includes the following affiliations:
- Hollywood Downtown Business Association
- Member of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
- Former Director of the Ft. Lauderdale-Broward County CCIM Chapter
- Member of the Florida Association of Realtors Commercial Alliance
- Director of the Society of Commercial Realtors
- 100% Club
- Government Affairs Committee
- Member of NAI Investment Council
- Member of NAI Office Council
- Emerald Hills Leadership Committee

Mr. McConnell and his family support the Smile Train Organization and the Broward County Boys and Girls Club.

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One of the least understood types of real estate structure in the net lease market today is a zero cash flow property.  Put simply, it is a highly-leveraged property backed by a long-term, bond-quality lease guaranteed by an investment-grade credit tenant. The tenant of the property is typically on a lease of 20 years or […]
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